Monday, December 9, 2013

Manefit Bling Bling Brightening Platinum Hydro Gel Mask Review

When a Mask is called Bling Bling, I can't help but be drawn to it. It's a girl thing. I got this one from Soko Glam for $6. Not too pricey, but definitely more expensive than Etude House, and MJCare masks.

First thing I noticed about this mask was that it came in two pieces for your face, the top and the bottom both aligned with a protective film on each side, too much?

It was a challenge to know which side was supposed to go on your face since the mask is pretty much soaked, I had to take it off twice when I realized that there was a smooth side, and a side with small bumps. The Smooth one goes on the skin if I have to say the obvious thing. 

The top part of the mask fit nicely, the nose was too long though, I cut the long part to add it to the bottom part of the mask since the bottom part of the mask was not big enough. I guess everyone in Korea had the Jaw Shaving surgery, it's not a very good fit for someone with a wide jaw. The bottom had to be pulled to both sides of the face leaving the chin area blank, which is where I placed the excess mask that I cut from the nose. 

That drama out of the way, the mask gives a nice cooling sensation on the skin. The gel is fairly sticky, I particularly enjoyed how I didn't need to keep pressing the mask on the skin the way I needed to with the cotton masks from Etude and MJCare. 

  • Gel
  • Smoothing
  • Softening
  • No need to keep pressing it on to the skin
  • Smells like laundry left in the water for too long
  • No instant results
  • Too much work to get the mask on 
  • Slightly sticky
  • Too big for the top, Too small for the bottom of your face

Overall the mask didn't really "Brighten" my complexion. I didn't get a "WOW" reaction from the "Bling Bling" then again, it was the first time I use it, so maybe you need to use it more than once to notice any difference? That's kind of a let down though considering all the work you need to do to get the mask on in the first place. Not sure if I'll be getting that one again.


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