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My "Combination" Skincare Routine

After discovering the Korean multi-step routines, I dedicated my time, effort, and wallet into my daily skincare. And so I have decided to share my routine with you to somewhat help you decide on your own routine that will hopefully result in gorgeous, glowing skin that will make you happy!


When I have a full face of make up I take a few extra cleansing steps to make sure it's all off.
(NIGHT) My favorite cleansing milk is from The Face Shop: Rice Water Bright Cleansing Milk

This is my go to eye make up remover. It's so soft and gentle. Doesn't burn up my eyes. And gets the job done. When it comes to face make up, I feel like I need to use too much of this to take it all off. So I decided that this is only for eye make up removal. When it comes to the "Bright" part of the description, I think I did really see a little bit of brightness from when I tried it on my face, but since I didn't continue using it for that purpose, I can't confirm that it does, or doesn't offer your skin some brightness.

(NIGHT) My favorite cleansing oil is from Missha: M Perfect BB Cleansing Oil.
I bought this on a whelm from Missha's website when I saw that it was on sale in December. After I placed the order, I read reviews on how it broke people out, and instantly died a little inside. When it came in the mail I was pretty hesitant to use it, but thought, what the hell let's see what happens. Nothing happened. It didn't break me out, and it removed ALL of my BB cream. So this, is the perfect cleansing oil for me. I just make sure that I wash my face properly after I use it JUST in case it really does breakout people. It's hard enough to maintain skin clarity without having to fight with products that destroy all your efforts. 

(NIGHT) My favorite cleansing foam is from Etude House: Baking Powder BB Deep Cleansing Foam. 
This is the best cleanser I have used to date. It smells a little like lemons (I love lemons) and it has mini particles that give you a slight scrub without the aggravation that comes with the traditional scrub, and a mini face massage that really refresh your complexion. I like to use this at night after the cleansing oil to double check the removal of my BB creams. I do a double wash. Once as a regular wash using my hands, and the second with my Olay ProX brush (A nice, cheaper, more effective in my opinion, replacement for the Clarisonic) I really like to make sure my make up is all off at night. 

(MORNING) My favorite cleansing foam for the morning is The Face Shop Arsainte Eco-Therapy Multi-Care Cleansing Foam. 

This is the best way to wash off all the residue from my night care products. It smells nice, so it wakes me up when I use it. 
It has a tendency to dry my skin in the winter, so I have to make sure that I moisturize after washing my face with it. It's a bit odd though because this line was supposedly made for dry skin, so if someone does have dry skin, and plan on using this .. I don't think that's a very good idea. But to each his own, I personally like this cleanser, even if I do have to deal with it's aftermath. 

(NIGHT) My favorite scrub is from St.Ives: Apricot Scrub. 
This is my holy shit scrub that is fully capable of scrapping all my skin off. I love it. I use it once every two weeks to make sure that ALL my dead cells are off. It's good to remember that this specific scrub doesn't have tiny particles that are unidentifiable. The tiny (medium sized actually) particles are obviously crushed apricot seeds. It's perfectly natural without any parabens or sulfur, so if you're an all natural freak looking for a perfect scrub this one might just be for you. 
Another thing to mention is after using this, your skin will probably seem red and irritated. Remember to moisturize, and use a nice repair serum because your pores will be super clean and ready for it's goodie dose. Don't use this in the morning and put make up afterwards, that will definitely give you a nice breakout.

(NIGHT) A nice peel that really makes me happy is The Face Shop: Mild Papaya Peeling

When my skin is a bit sensitive, dry, irritated, and can't take the roughness of the Apricot scrub, but still needs a little bit of exfoliation this is my go to. It's so soft. It has no particles, so it's perfect for dry, sensitive skin. It comes out as a soft gel that you put on your face and start rubbing in. I really can't describe the softness of this, but I can assure anyone that this does exfoliate the dead skin. It may seem useless, but there's no reason to irritate your face just because you think you need to scrub to get dead skin off, so take that idea out of your head.


Most people will tell you that a toner is useless. It is, if it's alcohol free. For me, I need the toner, to make sure on my EXTREMELY lazy days that ALL my make up is off. Alcohol Free toner will never clean off any make up your cleanser never picked up. I also like to use toner in the morning after washing my face, it really does help my moisturizer absorb into my skin faster. 

(NIGHT) This is my favorite toner, it's from Etude House: Wonder Pore Freshner

This is my favorite toner. It promises to minimize your pores, and it does. Deep cleaning, it does. Control sebum, it does. Refine skin tone, I can't say. I use a different skin tone refiner, so if this helps, I don't know.

But overall, I like this toner. Because even after all the skin cleansing steps I take there's still make up residue left, and it's always obvious on the cotton pad. I recommend using this with a cotton pad, just patting it onto the skin won't remove residue of both your cleanser, and whatever make up your cleanser didn't get. So don't do that. 

(MORNING) My favorite toner for the morning is The Face Shop: Pore Minimizer Controlling Toner with Powder

I think the reason I love this so much for the morning is the sebum control it gives me throughout the day. The powder has a tendency to set at the bottom of the bottle, so I give it a nice shake, and use a cotton pad to apply it all over my face. And since it's the morning, I don't need to make sure that all my make up is off, so this one has lower expectations from me compared to the Wonder Pore. It has a nice powdery scent to it, and soft velvety texture. 

Most people don't know the difference between Essence and Serum. I'll tell you now. Essence is the lighter version of a Serum. Serum is a lot more concentrated compared to an Essence. They both focus on correcting problems, but in my experience, Serums are used to fix problems that are already there while Essence can be used as a prevention for whatever problems you're starting to worry about.

(NIGHT) Missha: Time Revolution Night Repair

I got this as a gift with a purchase. It's a serum that's supposed to be for skin improvement. It helps repair wrinkles, moisturizes skin and evens skin tone. It's Paraben-free, Colorants free, Fragrance free, Mineral oil free, Alcohol free, Benzophenon free. It doesn't smell that good, but honestly, I'm not looking for smell, I just want healthy skin. If you want a cheaper alternative for the (Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair), this is your product. The Missha has a lot more plant extracts than the EL: Night Repair, and also lists Retinol, which is stronger than the compared Retinyl Palmitate in EL. 

(NIGHT) Clinique: Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector.This is my Holy Grail. I swear by this. I had acne issues when I was younger, and had the scars down my cheeks to prove it. I've tried many things that promised to lighten scars (Estee Lauder Idealist Skintone Illuminator) with no results. I had given up on correction, and relied on the coverage of foundation to hide it all, but I hated the fact that I couldn't walk out of my house without any make up on. I got samples of this by chance when I bought my Bobbi Brown Foundation and never looked back. It's quite pricey, but honestly? It's worth every penny. The results are obvious within a week, and all the scars were gone within the month. I continue to use this when I get acne on my face to make sure it doesn't scar. I love this. The key to getting faster results with this is very simple. SPF. Use a high SPF sunscreen when you first start using it, and it'll speed the process of healing. The key to maintaining the scar-less skin is also SPF.  

Side Note: When I started using this, I paired it with the (Shiseido: Urban Environment Oil Free UV Protector for Face SPF 42 PA+++) in case you were curious.  


When my skin is tired, and exhausted from my lack of sleep, and water I like to treat it to a nice sheet mask that helps revitalize my complexion, and give myself a nice glow.
My personal favorites are (Etude House: Collagen Moistfull) (MJ Care: Snail Essence Mask) (Innisfree: It's Real Cucumber) (Manefit Bling Bling: Energizing Rose) (Missha: Pure Source Green Tea) (Etude House: Vitamin A Essence Mask) 

There's no rule to sheet mask use, you try them all and see what works for you best, sometimes our skin reacts to them differently, the only way you'll really know which is best for you and your skin's needs is to try and hope it doesn't break  you out.

Emulsion is a lotion. It's usually used by people who have acne prone skin because of it's light consistency. People with dry skin will probably need another step after emulsion, which is usually cream. But for me, since my skin doesn't get dry enough for use cream, I stick with my emulsion as my last and only step for moisturizing. 

(MORNING/NIGHT) My favorite moisturizer is from The Face Shop: Arsainte Eco-Therapy Extreme Moisture Daily Moisturizer.

This moisturizer is actually for people with dry skin. I don't know how, but this definitely can't pass for a dry skin kind of moisturizer. It has a very light consistency that's more useful to those with acne prone/oily/combination skin. It's fast absorbent and doesn't leave a shine behind. And the best part: it doesn't break me out. It really makes my skin soft, supple, and ready for make up application. 


After all those steps, I'm ready to either start my make up, or head to bed. It seems like a lot, but once you get used to it, it only takes 10 minutes of your time which isn't a lot if you're serious about your skincare. You'll only get one face in your life, you might as well take care of it the best you can.

I hope this was helpful, and somewhat guiding to those looking to expand their skincare. What's your Morning/Night Routine like? Am I not doing something that you are? Please comment below, and share your own experience. Don't hesitate to ask any questions, I'll always be happy to answer any of them for you. 
Happy Readings!


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