Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Forget Nose Strips. Try This. (The FaceShop Volcanic Clay Blackhead Dual Nose Sheet)

What's the best way to get rid of blackheads?
I finally found it. The BEST way to get rid of them. 

So many cleansers promise blackhead removal, and we all know that shit doesn't work. 
Nose strips promise blackhead removal too, and we all know they'll be back 3 days later.

This one is the answer. 
It's not a nose strip, there's no false promises. It's simply a blackhead remover.

This is THE FACE SHOP: Volcanic Clay Blackhead Dual Nose Sheet.
It's a two step method that can be used once a month to take all those pesky blackheads right off, and keep them off (depending on how good your skincare routine is) for a whole month before you see them coming back!

It's really simple. 

1) You'll need a blackhead extractor. 2) You'll need an hour of your time (Well worth it)
3) You'll need The FaceShop Volcanic Clay Blackhead Dual Nose Sheet
Step One: Open Step One of The FaceShop Volcanic Clay Blackhead Dual Nose Sheet. Simple right? 

Step Two: Put it on your nose. 

Step Three: Wait 20 Minutes. Make sure it's placed properly on your nose.

Step Four: Take Off the Nose Sheet

Step Five: Start Extracting. This is going to be the easiest extraction you've ever done in your life! Step One of The FaceShop Volcanic Clay Blackhead Dual Nose Sheet has a nice set of ingredients that loosen up the blackheads, making their removal SO EASY! Even though the directions state that you would use a cotton swab to extract the blackheads, it doesn't work very well. So stick with the extracting tool. Look at the picture above. You'll find two ends to the extractor, use the end that's on the bottom (Flatter, Wider). The movement you'll be using should be a pressured slide down your nose. If you need to go over the area a few time, go ahead. This side of the extractor doesn't leave dents in your skin like the other side does. If your nose gets red, don't worry about it. It fades away.

Step Six: You're done! Just kidding. You're almost there. Open Step Two and put it on your nose for another 20 minutes. Step Two closes your pores, and all that redness from the extraction should be gone by the end of those 20 minutes.

Step Seven: Wash your face. Use a Toner. Essence. And/or Serum. Moisturizer.

And you're done.  

It's very easy, and the results are amazing! 

Just a side note. Do this at night. You shouldn't do anything that opens your pores and leave the house, you'll get acne bigger than your head!

Good Luck!


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