Thursday, July 24, 2014

Revert To Factory Settings

Weekends. Everyone loves a good weekend, it’s the perfect time to recover from the five days you spent in corporate hell attempting to please the boss while retain whatever sanity you may have left. I believe that the weekend is the perfect time to use treatments, be it the mornings when you don’t have to work, or nights when waking up and not having to rush out the door is apparent by the lack of your ‘used to be favorite song’ alarm ringing in the early hours of any given day.

In a perfect world, your skin doesn’t need saving. But this weekend, it does. Bring out your favorite moisturizers, scrubs, and masks because you’re having a party. After washing your face, you’ll be using a scrub. Something you can either buy from a store (please avoid the ones with microbeads) or something you can make at home. Either way, you need to get the dead skin cells off your face to properly moisturize it. 

Your home-made scrub can be a combination of two things according to skin type:

Green Tea Leaves (Used) and Honey (Normal/Oily/Combination/Dry/Sensitive)
Baking Soda and Water (Normal/Oily/Combination/Dry/Sensitive)
Cleansing Cream and Sugar (Dry/Sensitive)
Sugar and Lemon (Oily/Combination)
Oatmeal (Ground) and Olive Oil (Dry/Sensitive)
Coffee (Ground) and Water (Mature/Normal/Oily/Combination/Dry)
Rice (Ground) and Lemon (Normal/Oily/Combination)
Brown Sugar and Olive Oil (Dry/Sensitive)
Salt and Honey (Acne Prone)

Note: Don’t rub your skin too hard do it in soft circular motions, it’ll get the job done, don’t worry.

After you’re done with scrubbing, you can either use a mask first (which is a good idea because your skin will be more receptive to any treatments you do), or jump straight to moisturizing. You can use anything from store bought creams to oils you have in your cabinet. Don’t forget to pat it in, no rubbing please, and enjoy the weekend with your smooth, soft and glowing skin. 

Good Luck!

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