Monday, December 9, 2013

Etude House Essence Mask Vitamin A Review

I've always wondered how Korean women managed to have such gorgeous skin. So I decided to dive in head first in their beauty market to test their products out hoping that I end up having good skin like theirs. I ordered this Etude House mask along with a bunch of other Korean masks from Soko Glam, a Korean product website run by Charlotte, a Seoulite who decided to bring the Korean beauty market to the US and Canada. 

One of the very first things I noticed about this mask was it's size. This doesn't fit properly on your face, I had to keep adjusting it while it was on to make sure it had proper contact with my skin. 
It was a little sticky, but nothing unbearable, and there was a soft fragrance to it that was not at all chemical, I appreciate that about it. 

It's said that this mask is supposed to help with wrinkles, loose, and dry skin.
I don't have wrinkles or loose skin but in December my skin is definitely dry and suffering from the cold air. I've noticed after the mask that my skin was soft, smooth, and a little brighter than what it was before I used the mask.


  • Softening 
  • No need to wash face after use
  • Hydrating 
  • Brightening
  • No Chemical Smell
  • Too Big 
  • Slightly Sticky
Overall, I enjoyed using this mask. And at $2 per mask it seems like a good investment. Will definitely be getting some more for myself, and maybe even for my mum. 


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